What Membership in AIPG Can Do For You In . . .

Consulting: An AIPG Member may be more successful in attaining state registrations or licenses. In some states, a registered/licensed or certified geologist must be included in a proposal responding to a state solicitation for geological services. Certification as a professional geologist demonstrates high-level professionalism to prospective clients.

Education: Many geologists who are teaching at colleges and universities do part-time consulting in their specialty areas. They benefit from membership through association with other practicing professionals, AIPG services and publications, and the Institute's promotion of professionals standards of conduct. Other geology teachers find membership in AIPG important in guiding and educating their students, many of whom will become practicing professional geologists. All geology teachers benefit from AIPG's activities that enhance the science and profession of geology.

Government: AIPG Members in government agencies can:  Arrange for testimony by AIPG geologists before state, county, or local government bodies on proposed bills or regulations having geologic aspects. Prepare testimony or reports on legislation or regulations dealing with geologic topics for governmental agencies. Identify qualified geologists for specific assignments, assuring quality performance.

Industry: For over half a century major companies and major consulting firms have established entry level standards for geologists. AIPG documents similar requirements for its members, and also addresses the experience and enforces the ethical obligations of geologists. This is important to smaller companies without geological staff and even large companies and clients whose familiarity with geological problems is limited. Companies find AIPG Certification useful in evaluating the competence and integrity of geologists they seek to employ.

Additional Member Benefits

  • Insurance Programs

  • Continuing Education Opportunities

  • Public Affairs and Lobbying Opportunities

  • Strength in Numbers

  • Job Bank

  • International Contacts

  • Ombudsman

  • Publishing Opportunities

  • Credit Card Program

  • Rental Car Discounts

  • Discounted AIPG Publications

  • Unique Insignia Items

Types of Membership and Requirements - National has streamlined the application process. This link is to National AIPG which describes the requirements, with links to download the appropriate forms. Send your information to the address below:

American Institute of Professional Geologists
1333 West 120th Avenue, Suite 211
Westminster, CO 80234-2710
(303) 412-6205
Fax (303) 253-9220